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Modelling and Promotional Work

Modelling and Promotional Work

Whenever you see a brand, a label, a product, what do you immediately think of? Lets try CK. If you’re in your late 20’s you’ll probably think of Mark Wahlberg, if you are in your teens you’ll think of Bieber! This association between a brand and a face is why companies use models from modelling agencies. We take a piece of clothing, some simple cloth, and give it the attributes of the model. We’re told that we can look like them simply by buying the product and this is the beauty of advertising.

Promotional work takes loads of different forms. Perhaps you’ll be hosting guests at a function, passing out perfume samples, or in costume at a sports car event. It’s not important where the job is, the role is the same. Your job is to make the products stand out and be larger than life, engaging with the audience and promoting your employer. Compared to the illusive big modeling jobs, in Talent Management's experience it’s a lot easier to get promo work. The majority of it is directed towards females and tends to pay quite well, £20+ an hour or so meaning you walk away after a day with over £100. Some agencies will pay in cash on the day, others will pay at the end of the accounting period, end of the month.
Models Direct

Promo models need to have strong personalities to do well. Bubbly, vivacious types are far better at these kinds of modeling jobs. You need to be able to leave your worries at the door and turn on the sunshine! Many people struggle to do this and will be seen as moody. When deciding which route into modelling you want to go for, take into account your character. If you are more of a wall flower than a party animal, you may be best talking to a photography studio and perhaps working there part time to get some good experience behind the camera. Find out more about modeling and Talent Management on Facebook.

There’s nothing wrong with being a little more sensitive than the average and this sensitivity will often be desired by advertisers. It is mainly just a question of how to make them notice you and you can do this by simply getting in touch with them. Ask if you can visit, find out who you would like to introduce yourself to, and make sure you have enough credentials to make them take you seriously. Being your own boss can be hard when no one will tell you what to do or where to go, but as long as you don’t sign anything without reading it very carefully, you can’t go far wrong! Listen to this video to find out about Models Direct, our modeling friends!

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