Friday, 27 February 2015

Tips for a Perfect Wedding

Talent Management's Tips for a Perfect Wedding

Weddings are strange in many ways. We spend years of our lives looking forward to one special day, playing dress up as a child and picturing a fairy tale, but when it comes, its over in an instant! In our lives on average we will attend 30 weddings. The most important one though will obviously be yours and, the most important part will be the dress. It has to be right, and fit you well. You should consider the shape of your body when choosing and also the practicality of the dress - you will be wearing it for over 12 hours!

Talent Management
Gorgeous cake idea!
You need a good budget for the wedding itself and also your dress. Sticking to the budget can be hard, especially when you really want it to be perfect. Dresses can always be refitted, but it's best to be realistic and buy what you know will fit you. Some times women take on drastic diets to drop a size or two, and end up squeezing in on the day. For information about modelling, diets, and reviews, read this blog from Models Direct. There are many wedding dress ideas available today. There are some great wedding fairs from time to time with a huge variety of items and services displayed. Each little idea can end up costing a fortune though, so be sensible. Maybe your guests don't need to eat imported chocolate pralines from a miniature silk box!

The cake also contributes to the feel of your wedding. It must show a story of love, as well as capture the moment. The beauty of your cake does not lie in its size (or in the eating) but in its general looks. It has to be attractive, in terms of colour and design. The colour must go with the theme of the event as much as possible. Consider these tips for your wedding to be a success and find out more about Talent Management on our Facebook page. The video below is by our colleagues Models Direct, the modelling division of Talent Management and details more about the services we offer.