Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Calorie Labels on Wine? Talent Management Discuss

Are calorie labels on wine bottles a bad thing?

Talent Management are the parent company of Models Direct. They are a government regulated employment agency and have been operating in the modelling and talent industry for over 20 years. 

Health experts say that beer, wine and all types of booze are causing an obesity epidemic in the UK but why do they think that we need reminding that alcohol perhaps isn’t the best component of our diets?

Just like chocolate; wine is a good friend of many women but few know how many calories are in each glass, or bottle. If we know that both things aren’t good for us, why should only one of them have a label telling us its properties? Well, there are some who would say that one doesn’t need to know and that the cost of testing and labelling will inevitably be passed onto the consumer. Take a second to guess how many calories there are in a glass of wine.

Talent Management
Talent Management
If you were told that there were 150 calories, would it affect your decision to buy a bottle for a Friday night? It is more likely than not that it wouldn’t change a thing in practice, as it is a habitual activity that most of us don’t like to admit to. Talent Management don't see any harm in labelling as it may help people live healthier lifestyles.

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