Friday, 1 August 2014

Modelling Tips

Modelling Tips

Most models are extremely strict in their eating and exercising habits, and they don't leave a lot of room for "splurges" with calories or relax too much about exercise.

If your living relied upon your body and your looks for your "bread and butter," you'd probably be extremely diligent about your diet and workouts too. The fact is, most of us would be.

That being said, it's true that most models and other celebrities have more money to put into looking and feeling their best. The average models dieting tips may include such drastic measures as liposuction, tummy tucks, other plastic surgeries, an hour or more a day of strenuous exercise, and even hiring personal trainers to teach them how to exercise with proper form and intensity. With a strict regiment, you can sculpt your body into looking it's best for every assisgnment.

For more practical modelling tips, you can try any of the following:

- Take a photograph of yourself once a week, or have a friend do so, in your bikini. This will help you to see your progress visually, and can be a strong motivator to keep going!

- Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and other fluids, staying hydrated is your best defense against over-eating, snacking and other bad eating habits. This can make a real difference in whether you lose weight or not. However, not eating enough can make you unhealthy and give you headaches. Find out more Models Direct advice on their blog.

- Don't "inhale" your food.

Chew slowly, savor each bite, and don't eat simply for the sake of eating. If you allow yourself plenty of time to chew and savor each bite, your brain will give the signal much quicker that you are full. This prevents eating past the point of satisfying hunger.

- Don't be afraid to give yourself a "treat" now and then.

The occasional ice cream sundae or slice of cake isn't going to cause you to gain weight. It's when we start feeling deprived that we are far more likely to over-eat. Indulge your cravings once in awhile, just limit portions.

- Don't skip breakfast.

This seems like a "no-brainer," but often people skip breakfast for "lack of time," or in the mistaken belief that skipping meals will help with weight loss. The truth is, making sure to eat a low-fat breakfast will actually increase your metabolism, and will give you more energy throughout the day.

Although these models dieting tips are a great start, and can be very helpful in losing weight or following a weight loss program- these are only the beginning. The real key to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is staying consistent with your diet and exercise habits. Visit the Talent Management Facebook page to learn more.

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